Can Being Thankful Boost Your Internship Success?

Would you like to be successful? I’m assuming (although I know that’s not always good) that your answer is “yes.” If it is, then one way to increase your chances of success in your career and your life is to be a more likeable person. Justin Hartfield of The Prometheus Institute writes that one way to increase … Continue reading

To Do Before Winter Break

The fall semester is quickly coming to an end. Thanksgiving is only a week away, and it’s just a downhill slide from there to exams. With the end of the fall semester comes the beginning of the spring semester and that means many students’ summer internship searches will kick into high gear. Want to be prepared … Continue reading

Why Are You Interested in this Position?

Why do YOU want an internship? I know that everyone, including me, will tell you that an internship can be a crucial career development experience with potential post-graduation employment benefits. But have you thought about your personal reasons for wanting an internship? If not, this would be an excellent time to ask yourself the question, especially … Continue reading

Save Some Gas Money

Did you realize that some employers travel to UW-Whitewater’s campus to interview students for internships? They do! While it is getting late in the fall semester, Metlife Financial Services will be on campus on November 13 to interview students for Financial Advisor Internships. This is a summer internship opportunity for students graduating in December 2009 or … Continue reading

Creating Your Success Story

Internships. By now, you have probably heard that they’re important. Hopefully, you are planning on completing at least one before graduation. If you haven’t been thinking about that, it would be a very good idea to start!  But where do you start? How do you start? What resources can you use? What options do you have as a UW-Whitewater … Continue reading