Can Being Thankful Boost Your Internship Success?

Would you like to be successful? I’m assuming (although I know that’s not always good) that your answer is “yes.” If it is, then one way to increase your chances of success in your career and your life is to be a more likeable person.

Justin Hartfield of The Prometheus Institute writes that one way to increase your likeability is to be positive. While bad things can and do happen, reframe negative situations and approach them with a positive attitude. Most of us prefer to be around people with positive attitudes rather than those who complain all the time.

How is this important for an internship? When people like you, they are more likely to help you out. Since networking is a great internship search strategy, it’s important to cultivate positive relationships with your professional contacts. Successful networking is all about who knows you, not just who you know. You want people to know you AND like you. And when people like you, they are more inclined to help you with your internship search. During your internship, your positive attitude might lead to better projects and can help you build better relationships with your co-workers – all of which enables you to make the most of that opportunity and hopefully achieve greater career success.

This Thanksgiving, take some time to work on being positive and, obviously, think about what you are thankful for. The more aware you are of the good in your life, the more your overall attitude will shift to the positive. A positive attitude attracts other people, and your likeability can attract personal and professional success!


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