Competitive Edge

Back in December, I wrote about the possibility of internships being scaled back due to the economic crisis. Shortly after writing that post, I sat in on the webinar, “Recruiting Trends: A College Recruiting Outlook for the 2009 Economy and Beyond,” presented by Dr. Phil Gardner and InternBridge. The information was a little different from what I had read previously in that internships might not be cut back. Instead, we might see internship offerings remain at current levels or even expand.

Internships are a strategic resource for employers. Employing an intern is more cost-effective than employing a full-time employee, and company internship programs produce a talent pool from which the company can recruit full-time employees. By the time the economy bounces back, most smart employers will want those talent pools in place, which means they will need to sustain their internship programs.

What to take from these couple sources of information? Be very proactive in your internship search. While internships might not disappear, there is still going to be a fair amount of competition for the existing opportunities. And with stiff competition, you need to do what you can to make yourself as attractive a candidate as possible. Are you doing everything you can do to give yourself the competitive edge?


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