With any internship search comes the need for a resume. This important piece of paper is ideally the catalyst for landing you an interview for the internship you want. I recommend that you have your resume written and reviewed by a professional before you begin your internship search in earnest. That way, you are all set to apply for that dream opportunity the second it pops up.

Keep in mind that your resume is not your life story. The information on your resume needs to be relevant or targeted to the opportunity at hand. And even though an internship is designed to provide you with relevant experience, the information you have on the resume you use to apply for an internship still needs to be relevant to that internship. Make sense? It’s all about knowing your audience, in this case the employer and/or internship opportunity. Keeping your resume relevant means looking at it with a critical eye. Maybe you eliminate something. Maybe you re-word something. Maybe you organize stuff differently. It all depends on the internship.

If I’ve sufficiently confused you or freaked you out, don’t fear. The staff in Career & Leadership Development are here to help you with your resume writing! We have two more days of Resumania. Drop in for a quick review of your resume today (Monday, Feb. 2) until 3:30pm or tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 3) from 9:00am until 4:30pm. If you can’t make it for Resumania, you can always schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor – stop by UC 146 or call us at 472-1471. You can also email your resume to for review by email. Make your resume an effective tool in your quest for an internship!


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