Water Your Network and Watch It Grow

A few weeks ago, I attended and was a panelist for an internship “best practices” seminar for the Milwaukee 7 Water Council. I’ll write more about the Water Council in a future post. For this post, I want to focus on a unique group that I was introduced to at this event – Spreenkler (the name and concept are both plays on the word and actions of sprinklers) . I met Sara Gehl, Spreenkler’s Director of Marketing and Client Services AND UW-Whitewater alum.

When I talk about finding internships, I often mention the importance of networking. Many people get internships as a result of networking, and it’s a vital strategy for the post-grad, permanent job search as well. Spreenkler is a creative, forward-thinking group that I’d encourage UW-Whitewater students to connect with for networking purposes and internship opportunities. The group is made up of creative, marketing, and technical professionals and entreprenuers in the Milwaukee area, and it provides a forum for both people networking and idea sharing. In addition to the community group, Spreenkler has a creative agency side. This creative services firm hires local college students to work on real projects for real clients in southeastern Wisconsin – perfect internship potential.

Spreenkler is sponsoring a couple of student events in the upcoming weeks. Both events will be held at Bucketworks in Milwaukee (1340 N 6th Street):

Spreenkler Student Night – March 9 from 5-6pm
Learn more about Spreenkler

New Age Networking Session – weekly session beginning March 13 from 1-4pm
Learn more about ways to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, LinkedIn, etc.) to network and ultimately find your first job. This will be a weekly meetup for students to attend with an open format (come and go as you please) – learn how to set up your online profiles, make your first posts/tweets, ask questions, etc.


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