Spring Break & Your Internship Search: A Perfect Pair

Spring Break is only a few days away. Man, this semester is going by so quickly! Spring Break is, of course, a great time to sit back, relax, and break away from school. It can also be a good time to ramp up your internship search efforts, especially if you’re still in the hunt.

Penny Loretto, from the About.com Guide to Internships, has some great suggestions for what you could be working on over Spring Break to aid your internship search. If you’re headed home for the break, take the time to network with family and friends. Talk to people about your search for an internship – they can’t help you if they don’t know you’re looking. Think about the connections your family and friends might have to people in your desired field. Many students are now finding internship opportunities (or creating their own) through networking. If you haven’t started to do the same, it’s definitely time.

If you haven’t yet written your resume, this would be a top priority. There are so many resume resources on the web, including on our Career Resources site. Once you get back from the break, schedule an appointment with one of the career counselors in Career & Leadership Development to have it reviewed. Good resumes were once okay, but you need a great resume in this job market. We can help!

Take some time to cruise around the vast number of internship sites available, including those on the Student Internships site. We still have new opportunities being loaded into HawkQuest. There’s a new opportunity in the Hawk Internship Program. And if you look at my Twitter feed (top of the right-hand column of this blog), I’ve been “tweeting” about internship opportunities I come across. I’m putting at least one out there almost every day. Don’t just search in one place. Use our website, explore employer websites, network, follow me on Twitter…and that’s just a beginning.

Finally, if you don’t have a focus for what you’d like to do after graduation, you need to start figuring that out before you go much farther in your search. Take some time over break to explore career options. Career & Leadership Development is open over break, so make an appointment with a career counselor if you’re going to be around Whitewater. Schedule an informational interview or job shadowing opportunity using your network. Do some research online. I was quoted saying this exact thing in this week’s Royal Purple, although the quote was taken out of context slightly. Before you even begin looking for an internship, you will want to find that focus. Without a career goal in mind, you will stuggle to find an internship. How would you know what you’re looking for??

I think that sums up my advice for the break. In between sleeping and relaxing, take some time to work on your internship preparation and search. You’ll be glad you did!


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