Leave with Lasting Connections

With August fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the end of your summer internship. Now is not the time slack off just because your internship is ending. Being prepared to leave on a high note can do wonders for your professional future. I frequently write about networking on the UW-W Student Internships Blog, often in … Continue reading

Fall 2009 Internships Coming In

As summer begins to wind down, thoughts begin to turn towards the fall semester. Fall and spring semesters are great times to do internships. There tends to be less competition for positions unlike the more competitive summer internship season. We are starting to see fall opportunities pop up in HawkQuest. Opportunities include the following: Marketing Internship … Continue reading

Ask Not What Your Internship Can Do For You…

I can hardly believe it’s already July. This means that many students are hitting the mid-point of their summer internships. Even though your summer internship is on its downhill slide, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t time left to get more out of the experience. Now that you have been at your internship site for awhile and … Continue reading

With Liberty and Internships for All

(c) FreeFoto.com Well, after a bit of a break from blogging, I am back to it. One of my many summer projects is to review what I’ve done with the UW-W Student Internships Blog since starting it last fall. I’m excited for the blog to grow and evolve over this upcoming academic year! Even though … Continue reading