Learning from Your Internship Is a Two-Way Street


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Internships are all about learning. Over the course of your internship, however, the focus on learning can sometimes be lost. You could get frustrated with a project and turn all of your attention to the stress of the work. You might have hated your internship and focused on all of the negative things about it. Maybe you just got distracted by the nice summer weather and spent much of your time thinking about relaxing with friends.

Now that your summer internship is coming to a close, it’s time to turn your attention back to the reason for completing an internship: to learn.

Before your internship comes to an end, be sure to have a final review session with your supervisor. Feedback on your performance during your internship is incredibly important for learning from the experience. Ask your supervisor specific questions: To what extent did I demonstrate skills x, y, and z? What contributions do you think I made? What areas do I need to work on?

If you have had a strong working relationship with your supervisor, you might want to give him/her your assessment of your internship experience. What did you learn? What experiences were most valuable? What areas of the internship might they consider for further development? Sharing your experiences with your supervisor will help him/her know what to do or not to do with future interns to make the experience the best it can be.

The feedback you receive on your performance during this internship will serve you well moving forward into the coming academic year and into your next internship or job. The feedback you give to your internship supervisor will serve future interns well as they benefit from the knowledge you imparted on the organization. It’s a win-win situation. And win-win is a good note to leave on.


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