New: Field-Specific Resources

Some new resources have been added to the UW-Whitewater Student Internships website. In the “How to Find an Internship” section, you can now access lists of field-specific internship programs and resources.

The current menu of fields includes the following:

Within each section, you will find notes on internship opportunities in or near Whitewater. You will find information on internship programs in Wisconsin and beyond. You will also find links to additional resources related to the field. Eventually, resources to help you in creating your own internship in the field will be added.

Are there any areas of interest that haven’t been covered? Do you have information on programs or resources that you don’t see currently listed?

There is also a link to the International Internships section of the site. The International Internships page has been recently revamped, so be sure to check it out.

In addition, the Internship Search Plan has also been revised. Again, check it out if you haven’t already seen it. It’s a helpful tool at any point of your internship search.



Finally, I want to welcome my colleagues’ new blog to the web: Career Spotlight. Ron Buchholz, Kathy Craney, and Ellen Hatfield will be writing about permanent job search strategies, the employer perspective, development of your personal brand, how to present yourself professionally, and success on the job. They are very excited about blogging and are very passionate about teaching students how to succeed in their professional careers. You will now find a feed to their most recent posts on the right-hand side of this blog.


We’re only a couple of weeks away from the beginning of the fall semester. Remember that the staff in Career & Leadership Development are available to help you connect with co-curricular activies, identify internship opportunities, and prepare to graduate to the professional world. Stop in and see us soon!


Photo by D Sharon Pruitt (pinksherbert)


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  1. Intern says:

    It’s a great article for interns. This is good information for students looking for internships

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