Forget the Ghosts, Beware of the Bad Internship

Saturday is Halloween, a holiday that is all about fear and terror. One thing that elicits fear in students and internship professionals alike is a bad internship. An internship can go bad for different reasons. Sometimes the organization and the intern or experience and the intern just aren’t a good fit for one another. In other situations, … Continue reading

Want to Get Lucky? Try Networking

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: networking is a top strategy in the search for an internship. When you consider that surveys have found that networking was the key to job search success for approximately half to three-fourths of employees, it’s probably a good idea to do it. In college, you have an extensive array … Continue reading

Internship with Whitewater Arts Alliance

The Whitewater Arts Alliance (WAA), a local not-for-profit arts organization, is seeking an intern to work in the WAA office. Ideally, the WAA is looking for an intern to work for a 12 month period beginning December 2009, but they are willing to consider single semester internships. This is a PAID internship opportunity! The WAA is looking for … Continue reading

Making Time to Find an Internship

Regular readers of the UWW Student Internships Blog may have noticed that I’ve been MIA here for the last couple of weeks. September is typically a very busy month in Career & Leadership Development, and my schedule was no exception. I was invited to talk with classes about resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and the internship search. … Continue reading