Internship with Whitewater Arts Alliance

The Whitewater Arts Alliance (WAA), a local not-for-profit arts organization, is seeking an intern to work in the WAA office. Ideally, the WAA is looking for an intern to work for a 12 month period beginning December 2009, but they are willing to consider single semester internships. This is a PAID internship opportunity!

The WAA is looking for the following in the successful candidate:

  • Junior/Senior standing
  • Self-starter: ability to work independently
  • Willingness to learn
  • Strong time management skills, organizational skills, and communication skills
  • Ability to interact with a variety of constituents: volunteers, artists, business professionals, people of all ages
  • Research skills: ability to find resources, grants, foundation information
  • Proficiency on computers
  • Ability to lift 25 lbs.

The responsibilities of this internship include:

  • Managing incoming proposals for exhibits and performances
  • Keeping an organizational calendar
  • Assisting with newsletter preparation
  • Assiting with volunteer organization
  • Researching grants for Alliance programming
  • Answering email and phone calls for the Alliance
  • Assisting with set up and take down of shows
  • Attending monthly board meetings
  • Organizing Cultural Arts Center/Whitewater Arts Alliance history and donor archives
  • Opening/closing the facility as necessary for shows and public access
  • Performing light cleaning and maintenance
  • Filing

The intern will work 10-15 flexible hours/week. The salary will be $1000/semester, paid in four installments each semester, for a total potential salary of $3000/year.

The application deadline for this opportunity is Saturday, October 31, 2009. To learn how to apply, contact me (Laura Jacobs) at I will pass along the details. You can also find the information in HawkQuest.

The Whitewater Arts Alliance is a wonderful local organization whose mission is “to promote the visual and performing arts” in Whitewater and surrounding areas. Members include artists, educators, organizations, and community members. The Alliance wishes “to make the visual and performing arts an essential part of the lives of all Whitewater citizens” in the belief that the arts are “an essential and integral part of revitalization and growth” of the Whitewater community.

This is a great opportunity for a UW-Whitewater student to work for an important cause and support the local community.


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