Don’t Crack Under the Pressure of Finding an Internship

I have met with several students this semester who have to complete an internship as part of their majors or minors. Some of these discussions have been tough. It’s definitely not the least stressful experience to know that you have to find and secure a very specific work opportunity or risk delaying graduation. As someone … Continue reading

Make a Professional Transition from Intern to Intern

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving! This semester has gone so fast, at least for me. For those of you interning this semester, I’m guessing it went by quickly for you as well. We’re now entering the final month of fall internships. Depending on the type of internship you have, there might be another student … Continue reading

Necessary Paperwork: Your Resume

Last week, Ron Buchholz and I spoke with graduate students in UW-Whitewater’s Counselor Education program. We are both graduates of “the program,” and we were visiting these current students to talk about about resumes. Many of those attending are preparing for their capstone experience in the program: internship. It can a challenge for some students … Continue reading

Intern Spotlight: Michael Van Den Bosch ’08

A new feature on the UW-Whitewater Student Internships Blog is the Intern Spotlight. UW-W students are doing great things as interns and have important stories to share. The Intern Spotlight will provide insight into the internships UW-W students and alumni have completed. Featured individuals share their internship stories and provide advice to current and future interns. … Continue reading

Is There a Future Health Professional in the House?

It seems like everyone is getting sick. I was out sick for the better part of the past week, as were several of my co-workers. Colds and the flu are making their rounds. Do you want to work in healthcare or a health-related field? If so, what kinds of internships or career-related experiences might you find? As an … Continue reading