It’s Internship Search Season!


Welcome back UW-W students! Are you all ready for the spring semester? Ready to start the search for the “perfect” summer internship? ‘Tis the season!

I’m going to use this first post of the spring semester to give an overview of some new resources and upcoming events to help you in your quest to find an internship.

  • UWW Internship Week, March 1-4
    • I’ll be pounding the pavement to promote all of the UWW internship resources, answer your internship questions, and provide guidance for your search. I’ll be running an Internship Search Bootcamp on Monday, March 1 and will be hosting Internship Outposts in various locations around campus throughout the week. FYI – there will be prizes involved! Stay tuned to the Student Internships Blog and Twitter for more information.
  • More Field-Specific Resources
  • Intern Spotlight
    • The Intern Spotlight feature on the blog started late last semester and will continue this semester. I’m so glad to have finally added this feature – the insight and advice provided by current and past UWW interns is amazing! If you didn’t see the Spotlights from last semester, be sure to check them out: Michael Van Den Bosch ’08 and Danielle Calkins ’10. If you have or had an internship experience and think that other students could benefit from your story, please email me a brief synopsis of your internship story to be considered for a future Intern Spotlight.

I’m really excited about the semester ahead! I know the internship search can be challenging, so please let me know how I can assist you in the process. Have a great spring semester!

Photo by David Pfeffer ( / CC BY 2.0)

One Response to “It’s Internship Search Season!”
  1. Ted says:

    I love the idea of the intern spotlight for students to share experiences and how they landed amazing internships. Good luck to your students!

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