Internship Week 2010: Day 3

Ellen and I are really enjoying the Internship Outposts. It’s a nice opportunity to get outside the walls of the office and meet UW-Whitewater students elsewhere across campus.

So what exactly is the Internship Outpost? In short, it’s a traveling info table. Since it’s staffed by me and Ellen, though, it’s also a drop-by station for quick internship questions. Here is some of the information you can find at the Outpost:

In addition to handouts with this information, we have our awesome new  UW-W Student Internships pens! Plus, each student who stops by the Outpost can enter into our prize drawing for a copy of “The Internship Files: How to Get, Keep, and Make the Most of Your Internship” along with a $10 UW-W Bookstore gift card. Finally, as I said before, visiting us at the Outpost gives you a chance to ask some of your personal internship search questions.

The final Outpost for Internship Week 2010 is today (Thursday, March 4). We’re hanging out in Upham Hall. Visit us there if you can. If we don’t see you, hopefully we’ll catch you at one in the future!


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