Internship Week 2010: Day 4 & Week Wrap Up

Internship Week wrapped up on Thursday with one final Internship Outpost. It was a quiet morning in Upham Hall, but Ellen and I still had a chance to talk with a few students eager to secure summer internships.

To wrap up, I’d like to share a few of my observations from the week:

  1. It’s important to define “internship” for yourself. The concept of an internship is defined differently by different audiences. When you are talking about an internship, what do YOU mean? Figure out what you mean when you say you want “an internship.” Your search will start from a much more solid place.
  2. It’s a challenge to find opportunities. While there are internship opportunities available, some students are still having difficulty finding opportunities that match their needs. It feels like finance and human resources have taken a bit of a hit, as I’m not seeing many opportunities in either field. Other students are struggling to find internships in the geographical locations they want. Summer is approaching super fast, and I know this makes the search for a summer internship all that more intense.
  3. Motivation and perseverance are key. While it is tough out there, it’s important to keep working. Keep looking at advertised positions. Work your network. Begin thinking about developing your own internship and pitching it to an organization. Come up with a plan B. It’s easy to get discouraged, but remember that you have support at UW-Whitewater: me, other staff, and faculty.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the week in some way, whether it was attending the Bootcamp or dropping by one of the Outposts. It’s so much fun to get out around campus and meet more UW-W students!

Congratulations again to the winners of the various prize drawings throughout the week:

Internship Search Bootcamp…

Staci Groshek won a UW-W portfolio, a copy of the book “Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World” by Lindsey Pollak, and a $20 gift card to the SweetSpot in Whitewater.

Internship Outposts…

Monday – Tiffany Lozoya
Tuesday – Andrea Hoffmann
Wednesday – Jennifer Taylor
Thursday – Jasmina Badic

Each Outpost winner received a copy of the book “The Intern Files: How to Get, Keep, and Make the Most of Your Internship” by Jamie Fedorko and a $10 gift card to the UW-W Bookstore.

And special thanks goes out to the SweetSpot Coffee Shoppe. They generously donated a $20 gift card for the Internship Search Bootcamp drawing. Not only does the SweetSpot have great food and drinks, but they are very supportive of UW-W students and the Whitewater community as a whole.


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