Confessions of a Summer Intern

Last summer, I took a vacation from the UW-W Internships Blog. I figured students were either busy interning or taking a break from thinking about internships. Plus, summer is a time for vacations, and I wanted a little break from writing. This summer, I’m still taking my vacation from writing. BUT the UW-W Internships Blog … Continue reading

Year in Review: Chaos in Internship-Land

I cannot believe that the semester and year is already over. Talk about time flying! Now we start saying goodbye – to students who will return in the fall and to students leaving UW-Whitewater for the next chapter in their lives. This has been a busy year in the world of internships. Here’s a little … Continue reading

Internship Perfection: Real or Myth?

Perfection – that illusive state to which so many people aspire. Too bad it doesn’t really exist. I struggle daily with this idea. Obviously, I’m not perfect – I’m human. I’ve made some bad mistakes, even one that almost got me fired from a student job. Unfortunately, because I tend towards perfectionism, I’m painfully aware … Continue reading