Confessions of a Summer Intern

Last summer, I took a vacation from the UW-W Internships Blog. I figured students were either busy interning or taking a break from thinking about internships. Plus, summer is a time for vacations, and I wanted a little break from writing.

This summer, I’m still taking my vacation from writing. BUT the UW-W Internships Blog will not be silent. I have recruited four UW-W students who are participating in internships this summer to share their stories with you. You’ll learn what it’s like to be a summer intern from the perspective of summer interns.

Stay tuned for the Confessions of a Summer Intern series throughout June, July, and August.

While this blog will be active for the summer, it won’t be for the next couple of weeks. There will be no new posts for the weeks of May 24 or 31. You will meet our first summer intern, Ellen Hatfield, on June 7.

Thanks for reading the UW-W Internships Blog this semester. I hope you continue to read throughout the summer and pick up valuable advice from real-life interns.


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