Beginning Your Internship Search

The beginning of a new school year means more students start thinking about internships. I’m both glad and relieved to hear from so many students starting to plan for the upcoming spring semester or for next summer. Internships have become a must for college students, and early planning is key to successfully securing an opportunity.

For those of you new to UW-Whitewater or for those of you just beginning to look into internships, here are some programs and services available to help you along the way:

  • One-on-One Appointments: If you are beginning your internship search, scheduling a consultation with me or one of our other career counselors is an excellent first step. You will be introduced to some resources for finding opportunities and will learn how to use both active and passive strategies for your search.
  • Twitter: Follow me on Twitter – – and learn about opportunities instantly. I also “tweet” about internship resources or tips/advice related to the internship search. Beyond following me, follow employers. There are a lot of organizations and professional on Twitter, so it makes an excellent networking tool.
  • Hawk Jobs: Earlier this summer, we launched our new internship/job management system – Hawk Jobs. When an employer sends us information on an internship opportunity, we post it here. As a current UW-W student, you can access the system with your Net ID and password. For more information, read over the helpful Student Guide or speak with a member of the career staff.
  • Faculty Internship Supervisors: Almost every academic department/major has a faculty member in charge of credited internships. If you are interested in earning credit for an internship experience, you need to talk with one of these individuals. Even if you don’t wish to enroll for credit, these are great individuals to network with. They will know where other students in your field have interned and may know of open opportunities with specific organizations.
  • Resume Dr: One important piece of paper that everyone needs as they apply for internships is a resume. However, the application process for internship opportunities is becoming much more competitive, so an OK resume just won’t cut it anymore. Get a resume “check-up” during our first Resume Dr. series of the new year. Get the list of dates/times from our Career Spotlight Blog.
  • How to Work a Career Fair: One of the resources for finding an internship is a career fair. However, career fairs can be confusing and/or intimidating events. Learn how to be successful at upcoming career fairs by attending our How to Work a Career Fair workshop on Wednesday, September 22 at 5:15pm in Summers Auditorium (UC).
  • Hawk Career Fair & Expo: Once you know how to work a career fair, be sure to attend the campus’ first major fair of the year, the Hawk Career Fair & Expo, on Wednesday, September 29 from noon to 4:00pm in the UC (Hamilton Room and UC Ballroom). We’ll have over 80 employers attend the fair, and many of these organizations have internships to fill. During the fair, drop by the Expo, a series of brief workshops provided by employers attending the fair. Session topics will include How to Work a Career Fair, Conducting Your Job Search (much of the advice should be applicable to an internship search, too), Developing Your Personal Brand, and Professional Networking. Log into Hawk Jobs to see the list of attending organizations.

No UW-W student is alone in his/her search for an internship. While no one will find one for you – nor would you want them to, believe me – there are many faculty and staff on campus to support you as you look and apply for opportunities. We have a wealth of resources online and will provide guidance on all aspects of your journey – from searching for an internship to making the most of one.

Best wishes for a successful internship search!

Photo by J. Stephen Conn


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