Internship Link Roundup for the Week of October 25

Yay, I’m an Intern! Now What? – The Intern View Stay Motivated in Your Internship – YouTern Tapping Into the Hidden Perks of Your Internship – The Intern View “Related Experience” = Key for Landing a Job for New Grads – New Grad Life Your Internship is Cheating You if You Aren’t Being Mentored – … Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Hear It! How to Accept Constructive Feedback

Feedback is a necessary component of the internship experience. At the heart of an internship is learning, and you can’t learn from the experience if you don’t receive feedback – both positive and constructive – on your performance. Feedback is tricky, especially constructive feedback. I remember as an undergraduate orientation leader going through several training … Continue reading

Internship Link Roundup for the Week of October 18

Networking – It’s Like Owning a Car (Networking is essential in the internship search) – Thoughts from a Boilermaker Internship Survival 101: How to Cope When You’re On Your Own – The Good Intern Take Charge of Your Internship…Co-Manage YOU! – The Savvy Intern Legal Internships: Starting Out in Law – Intern Alert “Related Experience” … Continue reading

You Have More Experience than You Think

I feel like resumes have taken over my life this semester. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However, I have done more than a few resume reviews during appointments, via email, and at our Resume Dr. events. Resumes become frequent guests in my internship search appointments with students. In many instances, this is … Continue reading

Internship Link Roundup for the Week of October 11

Internship Etiquette at Its Best – Suite 101 Using New Media to Jump Start Your Internship Search – The InternView I’m an Intern and I’m Bored – The Intern Queen You’re Not Angelia Jolie, But You Can Do an International Internship – The Washington Post Early Deadlines for Government Internships – Photo by Max … Continue reading

The Intern’s Guide to Networking: Starting the Conversation

Here at UW-Whitewater, I teach a section of the New Student Seminar. One of the assignments in my class is a one-on-one meeting with me. Essentially, the students in my class can earn 10 points (out of 100) just to chat with me for 10-20 minutes. Not a bad deal. While it sounds easy, these … Continue reading

Internship Link Roundup for the Week of October 4

LinkedIn Launches Career Explorer for College Students – LinkedIn Looking for a Job? Take the Internship Route (Tips for locating federal government internships) – The Washington Post Former Intern Takes on Career Counseling Job – The Intern Queen Federal Job Interviewers Seeking Students with Disabilities – UW-Whitewater Interning in the NFL –

Resource Spotlight: The Association for Experiential Education

Internship. When you use the word, most if not all people know what you’re talking about…or at least they have a general idea of what you’re talking about. However, an internship is only one way to gain experience as a student. There are other kinds of programs and experiences that fall into an area known … Continue reading

Internship Link Roundup for the Week of September 27

Internship & Fellowship Opportunities in Science – The Time is Ripe to Make the Most of Your Internship – Metro Tips for Conquering a Fall Internship – The Washington Post Punk Anthem “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” Is a Metaphor for Tenacious [Internship] Search! – HRMargo Get Connected: Making a Professional Association Work for You … Continue reading