Internship Inspiration from the Protests in Wisconsin

Photo by edkohler

What a week for Wisconsin! There are so many internship-related directions I could take the blog – political internships, education-related internships, criminal justice internships…

What I’ve opted to highlight is internships in the media. Local media have been covering the story in Madison since day one. However, after the Democratic Senators fled Wisconsin yesterday, national news outlets have blown up with the story. Obviously, the media – traditional and new – play an important role in our society.

So how can you begin building experience in the field? Here are some ideas:

On the Local Front

  • Newspapers: Some of the state’s major newspapers are options for internships. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel lists their various internships – marketing, design, and of course, editorial and reporting – on their jobs website. The Wisconsin State Journal and Capital Times are owned by Capital Newspapers, so opportunities with both can be found on their joint jobs page.
  • Television: The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association has bundled TV internship contacts for many state stations. In addition to the contact person, they provide basic information on responsibilities, pay, and requirements.

** The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association is hosting their 2011 Student Seminar on Saturday, March 5 in Middleton. Learn about resume writing, interviewing, appearance, and preparation for the broadcasting field.

On the National Front

  • Newspapers: Obviously, the three major U.S. papers – The Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, and the New York Times – all have competitive internship programs. However, they would likely provide incredible experience. The Wall Street Journal offers a variety of opportunities, including some abroad, but they do have a fall application deadline for the following summer (so you could start planning for Summer 2012). USA TODAY also has a summer internship application deadline in December, but, on occasion, a student can secure an internship after their initial deadlines. The New York Times, with opportunities obviously based in New York, have a variety of internship options as well.
  • Television: To look for internship opportunities with CNN is to open up opportunities with all Turner Broadcasting System channels, including truTV, TNT, and TBS. Fox News has Fox News Channel University (FNCU). In addition to information on their various internship positions, their site becomes a centralized professional development resource for potential interns and a location to feature work by current and former Fox News interns.

Obviously, this only skims the surface of opportunities in the media. However, I hope it provides motivation and ideas for further exploration.


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