Quiet Before the Storm

Storm in the high country

I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break! Even though I was at work, I know I enjoyed the quiet time to catch up on random things.

From what I could see on Twitter, several UW-W students were using their time off from class to work on their internship searches. However, I know that there are likely many others who have yet to begin. Based off of my experiences the last few years, I know that this week was just the quiet before the storm.

I consider starting a summer internship search in April to be a last minute search. New postings will start to slow down as we progress through the month and some summer internships will begin in May…only a month away.

Are you one of those students who has left their search for a summer internship to the last minute? Don’t despair yet! Let’s get you cranking out those applications and put you on track to hopefully gain career-related experience this summer.

  • Check out our Internship Search Plan. Walk through the steps to help you identify what you want in an internship and how to find opportunities. Of course, you will see that the plan is laid out according to an ideal timeline, and starting your search just now isn’t going to fit it. Don’t worry. Start where you need to start and work, work, work!
  • Get one-on-one help. If you would like to discuss your individual search after reviewing the Internship Search Plan, schedule an appointment with me or another career staff member in Career & Leadership Development. We can look over your resume, explore some of the best resources for your particular field, and discuss networking and other proactive strategies for unearthing opportunities.
  • Come to my Last Minute Internship Search “Workshop.” On Monday, April 4th at 5:00pm (location TBA), I will be hosting a presentation/workshop focused on the down-to-the-wire internship search. I’ll focus on strategies to employ at this point and will also cover some “Plan B’s” to prepare.

While waiting until the last possible moment to start your internship search isn’t ideal, all hope is not lost. There are still opportunities out there and there will still be some popping up before the end of the semester.

Get started NOW, though. Please don’t be one of those students emailing or calling me the first week of June inquiring about summer internships…for that same summer. At that point, it’s just not going to happen. (Photo by Curtis Fry)

Question of the Week:

How is YOUR internship search going??


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