Last-Minute Internship Search: Networking

I feel like I write A LOT about networking on this blog. But it’s with good reason – Networking is a very important component of most successful internship searches. First, let me recap what networking is: Developing mutually beneficial relationships for the exchange of information and resources. Key here is “mutually beneficial.” Networking is about … Continue reading

Last-Minute Internship Search: Employer Sourcing

Last week, I started a series of posts on the last-minute internship search. Time is running down for securing an internship for this summer. For some of you, you have been diligently searching and applying for months with no luck. Others of you may just be starting now. Either way, my hope is that these … Continue reading

Last-Minute Internship Search

On Monday, I hosted my “Last-Minute Internship Search” workshop. I covered a variety of strategies that students can employ at this point in the semester in order to hopefully secure an internship for this summer…which is only about a month, month-and-a-half away. I know that there are still plenty of people in this last-minute boat. … Continue reading

Internship Link Roundup for the Week of April 4

Unpaid Interns, Complicit Colleges – The New York Times Top 5 Ways to Be a Healthy Intern – The InternView Introducing LinkedIn Student Job Portal – LinkedIn 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Internship – YouTern/U.S. News How to Make “Bank” in Your Unpaid Internship – Brazen Careerist

Intern Spotlight: Megan Rice ’11

Megan Rice, Senior (May 2011) Major: Finance Internship: Global Finance Intern for Johnson Controls’ Power Solutions Unit How did you find out about this internship? What interested you in the position? I have always known Johnson Controls to be a company with a reputation of quality and integrity. Upon researching the company, I discovered their … Continue reading

Internship Link Roundup for the Week of March 28

10 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Resume – U.S. News On Careers Turning an Internship into a Job – Doostang How to Lead During Intern Life – The InternView Internships for Emerging Entrepreneurs – Under 30 CEO How to Land the Internship You Want – Forbes