Last-Minute Internship Search: Volunteering

We have hit the end of the spring semester and the last of my last-minute internship search posts. Before delving into the final strategy, here is the run-down of the previous ones, in case you missed any: Internship Postings Employer Sourcing Networking Create Your Own Seasonal/Temp Work If you can’t find an internship, if nothing … Continue reading

Last-Minute Internship Search: Seasonal or Temp Work

The spring semester is coming to an end, and the time remaining to find a summer internship is quickly running down. Hopefully, you’ve been employing the last-minute internship search strategies I’ve already covered, including: Searching Internship Postings Conducting Employer Sourcing Networking Creating Your Own If you’ve been diligently plugging away and have yet to secure … Continue reading

Last-Minute Internship Search: Create Your Own

Before introducing the most proactive of strategies in an internship search, let’s recap the approaches leading up to it: Strategy #1 – Internship Postings Strategy #2 – Employer Sourcing Strategy #3 – Networking A strategy that has been gaining in popularity over the last few years is that of creating your own internship. While I’m … Continue reading