Last-Minute Internship Search: Volunteering

Dead End - mid

We have hit the end of the spring semester and the last of my last-minute internship search posts. Before delving into the final strategy, here is the run-down of the previous ones, in case you missed any:

If you can’t find an internship, if nothing you find or try works out, or if the basic seasonal job you get just is what it is, add some volunteer or community service work to your summer schedule. I have come across too many students who shortchange their community service experiences, believing that they aren’t as valuable as paid gigs. If this is you, you couldn’t be more wrong.

I wrote about this very topic in a recent post for the Student Branding Blog. Read it here: “Serve Your Community, Serve Your Brand.”

In addition to finding career-related volunteer work, seek opportunities for informational interviews or job shadowing. Put your employer sourcing and networking skills to good use – identify and reach out to professionals in your field. Check out the following resources for more tips and ideas:

The UWW Internships Blog will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks. New posts will return in June for a new round of the “Confessions of a Summer Intern” series. Be sure to check it out as a new crop of UW-Whitewater students take on internships in Wisconsin, in cyber-space, and across the world. Should be exciting!

Photo by Benny Lin


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