Suing Over Unpaid Internships: The Debate Rages

Once again, the heat has been turned up on the issue of unpaid internships. This time, instead of just a scathing indictment against unpaid internships, we have actual lawsuits. Interns File Suit Against ‘Black Swan’ Producer Unpaid Intern Sues Harper’s Bazaar for Minimum Wage Former Intern at ‘Charlie Rose’ Sues, Alleging Wage Law Violations This … Continue reading

LinkedIn and Your Internship Search: How to Use Groups

Signing up for LinkedIn and beginning your profile is a huge step in building your professional network. At first, you start connecting with fellow students and professionals you already know. But is that all there is? Not at all! Use Groups on LinkedIn to take your networking to the next level. There are groups for … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Multiple Internships

Over the last few years in my work with internships, I have noticed a trend: Students working two internships during the same semester. A couple of weeks ago in my comeback post of sorts, I touched on this very idea. When the question came up on Twitter last week, I knew it was something I … Continue reading