Intern Spotlight: Angela Sorkan ’14

Angela Sorkan, Sophomore (May 2014) Major: Women’s Studies Minor: Health Promotion Internship: Shelter/Women’s Advocate Intern with the YWCA of Rock County How did you find out about the internship? What interested you in the internship? Last summer, I was enrolled in a Feminist Theories class and my professor forwarded an email from a staff member … Continue reading

From the Archives… Resource Spotlight: Idealist

Originally published April 13, 2009 It’s been awhile since I highlighted a resource for your internship search; it’s about time I changed that. The first resource that IĀ touchedĀ on was [Hawk Jobs], UW-Whitewater’s internship/job database. In this post, I want to highlight Idealist, a project of the nonprofit organization Action Without Borders. Nonprofit organizations, charities, NGOs, … Continue reading

Unpaid Internships: Criteria to Consider

Last week, I touched upon your rights (of sorts) when it comes to unpaid internships. That post naturally started to drift into the criteria you might use to evaluate a “good” unpaid internship. So in keeping with that direction, here are some qualities of an acceptable unpaid internship. The internship involves real work. Most internship … Continue reading

Unpaid Internships: What Are Your Rights?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the wave of legal action being taken against unpaid internships. While it is confined to one industry (the media industry – specifically a TV program, a magazine, and a movie studio) and there are some questionable issues with the lawsuits, it nonetheless brings up some legitimate concerns. Are … Continue reading

Intern Spotlight: Matthew Granum ’12

Matthew Granum, Senior (May 2012) Major: Information Technology – Network & Security Emphasis Internship: Information Technology Group Intern with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas   How did you find out about the internship? What interested you in the internship? I started searching for internships for summer late into the … Continue reading