Beware the Scary Internship

They’re out there – Bad internship programs. Like any good candidate doing your research on a potential opportunity, you pop onto Google to search for information when you see the red flags. Among the company’s website and other news, you stumble upon something you weren’t expecting: scathing reviews and stories of internships gone terribly wrong. … Continue reading

Don’t Call It a Gap Year…

Freshman year – Sophomore year – Junior year – Senior year – City Year. Many people have heard of the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America programs. Have you heard of City Year? Some of us in Career & Leadership Development had the chance to learn more about the program today. City Year is … Continue reading

From the Archives with an Update: Suing Over Unpaid Internships

Originally posted on March 19, 2012 Once again, the heat has been turned up on the issue of unpaid internships. This time, instead of just a scathing indictment against unpaid internships, we have actual lawsuits. Interns File Suit Against ‘Black Swan’ Producer Unpaid Intern Sues Harper’s Bazaar for Minimum Wage Former Intern at ‘Charlie Rose’ … Continue reading

Get in the Game with an Internship in Sports

Fall is prime time for sports: football season begins, the World Series wraps up another baseball season, and basketball rolls around again. For sports fans, this is an exciting time. There are some great career opportunities in the sports industry, but breaking into the field can be a challenge. Openings are limited and are highly … Continue reading

An Internship By Any Other Name…

With a new fall semester comes presentations to New Student Seminar classes. In our “Your Competitive Advantage” presentation, my colleagues and I cover ways to develop professionally, starting during the freshman year. One of the topics we emphasize is the importance of internships. Here’s the problem: In some fields, “internships” don’t exist in the same … Continue reading