Don’t Call It a Gap Year…

Freshman year – Sophomore year – Junior year – Senior year – City Year.

Many people have heard of the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America programs. Have you heard of City Year? Some of us in Career & Leadership Development had the chance to learn more about the program today.

City Year is an education-focused nonprofit organization that partners with public schools to provide targeted interventions for students most at risk of dropping out of school. The focus is on supporting students in the areas of attendance, behavior, and course performance through tutoring, mentoring, and after school programming. There are City Year programs in 24 cities across the United States, one of which is Milwaukee.

Students from a variety of major/career areas become City Year corps members. Some of the most common areas include:

  • Education
  • Medicine/Public Health
  • Social Work

No matter the field you’re going into, you’ll develop important job skills like team leadership, project planning/management, and communication. But if you are going into education or human/social services, City Year could be invaluable career preparation. Therefore, City Year isn’t a gap year experience. There’s nothing missing. It’s a “leap” year experience that takes you to the next level in whatever direction you might go afterwards.

City Year Milwaukee has a growing relationship with UW-Whitewater, so there will be many future opportunities to meet the Milwaukee team on campus. If you are interested in learning more about the program, check out their virtual open house and their websites:

City Year Milwaukee also has a Shadow Day coming up on Tuesday, October 30th. Contact their recruitment department for more information.


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