Avoid Intern Burnout

Welcome back from the short Thanksgiving break. I can hardly believe it’s the last week of November already, and I have no idea where the fall semester went. The next few weeks won’t make it any better. ‘Tis the season for high burnout potential. If you are a current intern, you are entering a high-stress … Continue reading

Give and You Shall Receive

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Internships are important. According to YouTern, “9 out of 10 direct-from-college hires to go those with internship experience on their resumes.” Employers that I talk with tell me that they look for candidates with related experience, the kind typically gained through internships. You know that an … Continue reading

Professional Bags for Men

Starting an internship means leaving the student world and entering the professional world. It’s time to look the part and ditch the backpack. So what’s wrong with a backpack? Let me ask you – Why do you use a backpack? Is it because you’re a student and need it to carry your books and supplies? … Continue reading

Intern Spotlight: Katelyn Wurtz

Katelyn Wurtz, Senior (May 2014) Major: Special Education Internship: SEAL Management Intern with UW-Whitewater Career & Leadership Development How did you find out about this internship? What interested you in the opportunity? About two years ago, I was a member of the Event Crew on campus, where we would staff any Special Events on campus. … Continue reading